Unprecedented among independent ad techs, ROIx Content aims to drive unique productions by combining data, premium inventory and branded content.

Branded Content has emerged as an innovative solution to position a particular brand within relevant content linked to the universe of the product to be disclosed.

In order to further increase Branded Content engagement, ROIx combines audience and programmatic media targeting power to these precepts, leading to much greater engagement for advertisers.

For example, the campaign developed to Ford achieved extremely relevant results, with an engagement rate 6 times higher than the target set by the agency. Take a look the case study.

In addition to creating relevant content and delivering media to the brand-defined audience, ROIx is also responsible for conducting video production in partnership with the customer's chosen producer.

Check out the first episode of the project we developed to Ford:

Branded Content

We have several shelf designs for your brand. Or, we can produce the content on demand.


100% cross-device media activation in premium inventory with over 108 MM unique users.

Freedom of Use

All productions can be driven on and off the ROIx network. After all it is made for your audience, not for our base.


Content delivery and production in an integrated way and one-off payment. .

High profitability

Viewing is only charged from the first minute of the video.

Target Accuracy

Nielsen audit and full campaign overview: TRP, coverage, frequency and affinity.


We have the best approved producers, partners and influencers.

Process Monitoring

The entire project will be supervised by our team, who will coordinate all stages of production and content.

Contact ROIx to know how Branded Content production and delivery works through our products.